Sarah Hackett

Bees For Bey


Launched on Beyonce’s birthday, Sept. 4th, Bees for Bey is a project aimed to increase awareness of collapsing bee colonies and give Beyonce fans a platform to save bees.

So far we've raised over $1,200 to build a beehive in honor of Beyonce.


The Songs

We rewrote and recorded three popular Beyonce songs to be educational about the current bee epidemic. The videos were launched on Beyonce's birthday, September 4th to garner interest in the cause.

Our Bees For Bey website gives fans a platform to learn about the current bee epidemic and contact their Representatives to pass HR 3040, a bill that would stop the use of insecticides that are killing bees. There was also an option to donate money to build a real life beehive in honor of Beyonce.



Write your representatives

Build a Beehive



We created stickers and put them on produce pollinated by bees in grocery stores around San Francisco.




Social Media

We took to social media to spread our campaign and encourage people to tweet at their representatives.



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