Sarah Hackett

Ben and Jerry's


Insight: Some people feel like the modern dating scene is hypersexualized

Idea: Desexualize Netflix and Chill


Ben & Jerry is redefining Netflix and Chill by releasing three new ice cream flavors that replace the 'chill' in Netflix and Chill. A new flavor is released when it's corresponding Netflix show releases a new season on Netflix.



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The Only Hookup You Need


Netflix and Chill Series Packs

We make it easier for two people to hang out and watch Netflix without feeling pressured to hookup. Through Postmates people can enjoy a curated pack that includes custom spoons and a pint of one of Ben & Jerry's new ice cream flavors to share.



In the pack, we also include our own official Netflix and Chill guide, because there are a lot of different ways to chill and not hookup.


Social Media

On Instagram we promote our desexualized Netflix and Chill positions and flavors.

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