Sarah Hackett

Ms.Representation Project


Women’s names have been largely misrepresented and redacted from history, despite their enormous contributions to our society. A perfect example of this is something we interact with everyday: street names.

In San Francisco, only 27% of streets are dedicated to women.
It’s 2019, so we decided to change history to herstory, by creating a guerrilla initiative that continually highlights influential women in SF, that have been forgotten or replaced by their male counterparts.


By adding a "Ms." in front of well-known streets named after men –– or mistakenly believed to be named after men, we brought attention to female legends who are so often overlooked.



Our social helped keep their stories front and center where they belong.

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We mapped out all of the streets we tagged on our website and invited visitors to submit the stories of any influential women missing from our site.

    AD: Sarah Hackett | AD: Madison Kichler  | CD: Sara Muchnick | CD: Yash Ram

Producer: Rinny Shim | Account: Katherine James